Struggles of Being an Artist:

Everyone struggles with things in life and artists are no exception. Being an artist is actually a lot harder than it looks as it takes a lot of creativity, skill, self discipline, and motivation. Sometimes when artists struggle it’s a dark time because they feel all alone. Therefore, I thought I could put together a small list of struggles that every artist will go through at some point, so you can see that it isn’t just you in these struggles!

  • Envying another artist’s skill:

It seems as though everyone always envies another artist’s skills, even though they’re an amazing artist themselves! It can be frustrating and upsetting because you put in a lot of effort, but you always seem to find someone better than you. Just remember that there’s always more learning to do and you can always grow as an artist! It’s suggested that instead of envying other artists, turn that into inspiration.

  • Some people don’t take you seriously:

Every artist will come across someone that will laugh when they hear about your job choice. Art is usually looked at as a hobby and not a profession, and some people just don’t understand what being a professional artist is. Just smile and keep doing what you love, even if others don’t understand you!

  • People don’t understand the struggle:

Non-artists will never truly understand the struggle that being a real artist is. A great deal of people assume making art is extremely easy and anyone can do it with no skills at all. However, they don’t see all the training you’ve done to learn different techniques, new skills, and how to make high quality art! Many people think you can pick up a paintbrush (or any other medium you like to use) and learn instantly, but that isn’t the case at all.

To conclude, these are a few of the top struggles that artists go through, and I’ve gone through all three myself. It can be rough, frustrating, and tiring, but remember why you love art so much and keep going! Things will get better, and remember that you’re a truly amazing and unique artist!




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