5 Best Places to Buy Art Supplies:

Last week’s article talked about alternatives to some of the highest quality markers on the art market. As you might have noticed, most of these markers are a bit on the expensive side of things, and the story with other art supplies is no different. So unless you’re a millionaire – and I envy you if you are – you’re probably a bit worried about your budget when you buy the supplies you need.  With this in mind, I thought this week’s article should be about great places I’ve found to get the art supplies you need both online and in real stores without spending a small fortune in expenses.

1. Michaels:

Michaels is both an online and real store you can visit in places like Regina and Saskatoon. They stock many types of art supplies, and they also stock many crafting products as well. You can find high quality brands such as Copics and Prismacolor here, and even some smaller less expensive brands. They put on sales that can save you tons of money, and they also have coupons for you to use.


2. Hobby Lobby:

Hobby Lobby is another store that you can purchase products from either online or in store. The only downside for us Canadians is the fact that Hobby Lobby is a US store only. However, they have a couple of stores scattered in North Dakota (such as Minot) which isn’t that far from the border! Whether you’re looking for art supplies or crafting materials, this store is sure to have it! There are many coupons and sales here, so you’re sure to save some money on something too (and I mean really, who doesn’t like to save money?). Hobby Lobby has a 90 day return policy both online and in stores.hobby_lobby_logo_detail_long

3. Blick:

Blick is one of the most popular online art supply stores among artists. They offer a ton of art supplies that include their brand along with other professional art brands. This store also has special limited time offers such as free shipping on orders over $160, 15% deals, and more. When you order online, you can pay with Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, etc. and they have a 30 day return policy.


4. Jerry’s Artarama:

Jerry’s Artarama is another huge online store for art supplies. They stock a variety of art materials (oil paint, canvases, pastels, paper, etc.) and they have a large resources section that includes online art contests, art tips, product demo videos, product reviews, and more. When you order things from this store, you can pay with Paypal, Checks, Visa, Mastercard, etc. and they have a 30 day refund policy. Jerry’s Artarama also has a newsletter that you can sign up for and receive discounts and promotions.


5. Utrecht:

Utrecht is a simple online art store that sells specifically art supplies. They offer many different professional brands along with their own brand of supplies. Utrecht also has sales on, and they even have coupon specials! They have a 30 day return policy as well.


There you have it! These are the top art stores I found that most artists like to use. I’ve heard many great things about these stores, and I’ve purchased items from most of them. I hope this list was able to give you some places to shop and save a bit of money. See you next week!












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