4 Artists to Follow:

Last week we talked about how to fix artist’s block and become inspired. One of the things that was also mentioned was finding inspiration by looking at art done by other people. Sometimes we just need a little extra push to get the ideas flowing! Therefore, today I’ll show you some of the artists that I’ve followed over the years that have both great art and amazing tutorials!

  1. Mark Crilley:

A picture of Mark Crilley.

Mark Crilley has been a big inspiration in my life as he was the one who I looked up to and aspired to be like. When I was first learning to draw, his tutorials were what really helped me out and he presents his content in a way that I found fun. He’s a published author and illustrator, some of his notable works being Miki Falls, Brody’s Ghost, and Akiko. While his art style is mostly related to manga and anime, he does have tutorials on how to draw more realistic things such as the human eye. He has tutorials for nearly anything from facial features to properly drawing the body’s structure. I would definitely recommend you check him out if you’re interested in manga/anime styled drawings!

      2. Draw with Jazza:


The main logo for Draw with Jazza.

Draw with Jazza is someone whom I just found recently, about one year ago. I had discovered him when one of his videos on how to animate was shown in a class I was taking. He explained things simply enough that the average person could understand it, but with just the right amount of detail so you knew exactly what you were doing. He uses both traditional and digital means for his art, and he explains both well. His tutorials include how to draw in perspective, how to do animation, and he even has videos to show you how to use certain art programs! I would recommend him if you like to do a lot of digital work and if you’d like to find out how to turn your love for art into a business.

     3. Cyarine:


Cyarine’s Twitter profile picture.

Cyarine is an artist who’s work I’ve seen on the internet forever, but I wasn’t able to find her until a while ago! She uses many different mediums for her art such as copic markers, watercolors, ink, or digital programs. She uploads some tutorials on how she draws certain things in her unique style, such as lips, hair, etc. With all of the art uploaded on her channel I think it’s a great place to look for inspiration as well! Her drawings usually consist of either characters she’s made up herself or characters from popular video games, TV shows/movies, and pop culture. She’s a person I’d recommend to look at if you need some inspiration and are wanting to do digital art!









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