Here Come New Ideas For Art!

I’m sure you’ve probably heard of a writer complain at least once about getting something called writer’s block, but have you ever heard of artist’s block? Both of these concepts share the similarity that causes the affected person to be at a loss for ideas, but artist’s block is different in the way that the affected person(s) is at a loss for ideas in art, not writing. In this week’s article, I’ll try and give you different ways to cope and overcome artist’s block, along with some brainstorming websites you can use to get those ideas flowing again!

1. Stop and relax for a while:

Feeling pressured and hurried will definitely not help the art creating process. Take time to stop and refresh yourself, don’t force yourself to create art. Inspiration will find you when you’re ready.

2. Have a few projects on the go at a time so if you get bored with one you can change to another:

If you ever get bored with a project or are unsure of how to continue it, start another (or switch to one you have already started)! Different challenges are in every piece of art, and they will keep you interested and busy.

3. Try a new or different medium:

Exploring with different materials and mediums are a great way to become inspired and try something different in art. Plus, you might even find that you’re very good at using a medium you had never tried!

4. Get inspired by places, people, and things:

Sometimes you need to look beyond yourself for inspiration, and that’s okay! Don’t be afraid to go online or go outside to help get those creative ideas started. Try looking at other’s art, or even go to an art workshop! Little things like these can suddenly spark brilliant ideas and inspire you.

5. Don’t be afraid of making ‘bad’ art:

Remember that your art doesn’t need to be perfect! You’re always allowed to make ‘bad art’ because it’s better than no art at all. Having a fear of making ‘bad art’ usually comes from comparing your art to others, so try to not do that! Compare your art with your own older projects and you’ll see how much you’ve improved along with any changes you can make.

6. Just do it! (Be motivated by Mr. Shia Labeouf):

If all else fails, just do it! Don’t let your fears or worries hold you back and start creating. You can randomly doodle on papers, start sculpting, etc. The point is to release your emotions into your art and have some fun creating it instead of stressing over the details! You might even make a masterpiece without trying.

Here’s a video to motivate you:

Finally, I’ll give you a couple websites and blogs I’ve found that post prompts to try and inspire you to create something! (I really enjoy this website, it has prompts for nearly anything!) (This website is great if you like to usually draw things you see in everyday life.)



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