4 Quick Tips About Drawing

Drawing is a form of art that absolutely anyone is capable of doing. Nobody is born being able to draw, and everyone can learn how to do it! With that said, some people have developed their skills more than others have, but there are always new tips and tricks to learn. Here are some of the tips that I’ve found to be most useful, and I hope you’ll think the same.

  1. Avoid Smudging Your Drawings:

When drawing in pencil (or any other smudge-able type of medium), use a piece of paper underneath your hand to avoid smudging your work. It’s suggested that if you’re right-handed, start shading from left to right, and if you’re left-handed, start shading from right to left. While smudging lines in a drawing can be useful – especially when it comes to shading – it becomes difficult to make a sharp, clean drawing when your hand constantly smudges the lines.

  1. Control:

Being in control of your drawing utensils and knowing how to make them perform how you want is a big part of creating art. Changing the value (lightness/darkness) of your lines can help in adding contrast and details in your drawings as well. To help gain better control of the pencil, it all depends on your hand placement. Positioning your hand closer to the lead end of the pencil allows you more precision for fine details, but this also results in heavier, darker strokes. Positioning your hand closer to the eraser end gives you less control, but it will allow you to have lighter strokes which are a key component for shading.

  1. Use References:

While drawing, make sure to use and study photos of objects or even the objects themselves in real life. At least half of drawing involves observation. To be able to draw something well, you need to see it. For example, have you ever decided to whip up Filet Mignon one night without even looking up a recipe? Of course not! If you have then I’m curious as to how that went for you. However my point is you need to learn how to do something before you actually do it, and this is very true in drawing.  Therefore, if you want to draw something: study it first, find some pictures, and then go for it!

  1. Practice:

This is the most cliché tip of them all, but it’s the best one there is. If you want to become a better artist, the best thing you can do is practice. Practice every day, and draw whatever you see. If you are unable to draw, then look at objects and imagine how you would draw them. Think about where the light source is coming from, what medium you would use, and what basic shapes you would use in your drawing. There is always so much more to learn, so get inspired and have some fun!


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I Think I Can’t Draw




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